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Viaggi Garrubbo is a luxury travel company dedicated to preserving and promoting the fantastic beauty, culture, and gastronomy of Italy. For centuries, people have flocked to Italy for its stunning beauty and unique charm. But let’s face it, they also go to eat! Why? Because Italian food is spectacular! Spettacolare!

So, whether your primary goal is to do some fabulous shopping, or to ski the Alps, or to tour ancient ruins, or just to lounge by the Mediterranean, we’ll make sure that you  “Travel, Italian Style.”  With a steady eye towards your next delicious bite,  we’ll also make sure that you’re experiencing the very best of Italian food and wine. 

We understand that everyone’s tastes and goals are different, so we’ll tailor your Italian dream trip to your personal desires.  From beautiful cities to breathtaking countryside, powdery slopes to sandy beaches, we’ll take you there. Italian Style. 

Let us start planning your Italian dream trip today.