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About edwin garrubbo September 25, 2023

“ You may have the universe if I may have Italy.”

– Giuseppe Verdi


Led by Italian food author Edwin Garrubbo, we at Viaggi Garrubbo create curated luxury Italian itineraries for discerning travelers, with a focus on the food, wine, and culture of Italy. Whether you are a first-time visitor, or a frequent flyer, we plan every detail of your trip, from touch down at the airport, to deluxe sleeping accommodations, to spectacular meals and excursions, all the way until your wistful departure.

With our hand-crafted luxury travel services, we take you from the top of the Alps to the toe of the boot, from beautiful beaches to rolling hills, and of course, to and all around the Italian islands! Your trip is customized to your goals, whether that means keeping busy in wineries or visiting museums, shopping for the latest fashions, relaxing on the beach, or skiing down the slopes. With 1,000 unique towns, in 20 distinct regions and as many climates, Italy offers it all.

We have friends all over Italy. Private drivers and boat operators, luxury hotels and glam villas, small wineries and wine towns, cheese makers, chefs, and fancy boutiques. In Italy, our friends become your friends.

Let us share a lifetime of experience, connections, and friendships for the trip of your life!

Buon Viaggio!
Edwin Garrubbo
CTA, Italy Specialist; Verified Travel Advisor

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